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Guide's Update
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How to Book

Keen to join us? Then read on!

We're stoked that you would like to join us for some amazing heli-skiing!

Please thoroughly read all information on our website before registering for a heli-skiing tour. Due to heliskiing's exclusive character, significant expenses and long term commitments are made on your behalf. Furthermore, other people may be waiting to book their holidays during the same week. The reservation and cancellation policies outlined are standard in the heli-skiing industry.


We recognize that you might be keen to join us for some epic heli-skiing, however, you are hesitant in these uncertain times. We want to allay your fears and to make booking a trip with us RISK FREE

Deposits - 25% and FULLY REFUNDABLE until 90 days prior to trip start date.
Balance Due 90 days prior to the trip if it is certain to go ahead (i.e. there are not any travel restrictions). If, within 90 days, you are unable to reach us due to COVID related circumstances such as; a governmental travel ban, provincial guidelines recommending you not to travel, or other situations outside your control, we will not require payment until it looks certain your trip will happen.

This means if you are thinking about a trip next winter, you should book NOW to make sure there's availability, and you will have peace of mind knowing you can get your whole deposit back if you cancel 90 days before the trip commences.

Cancelling within 90 days - In the case where you are prohibited from: leaving your home country; entering Canada; or travelling within Canada due to a COVID-19 governmental ban, we will fully credit your trip with the equivalent trip in the next 3 winters, and you will not need to pay the yearly rate increase! If you would like to cancel within 90 days, but not due to COVID-19, then our standard policy takes effect (for more details, see our Cancellation & Refund Policy page).

How To Book

  1. Make sure you are comfortable signing our Release of Liability (see below) and have read our Cancellation and Refund Policies
  2. Decide on which Heli Experience (i.e. package) that you are interested in. To help you decide which Experience to choose, use our package finding tool here: Experience Finder
  3. Choose which lodge you prefer if the package type is available at that lodge
  4. Verify with us that your preferred dates are available by calling or submitting our quick Inquiry Form
  5. We will send you a link to an online Booking Form
  6. Within 48 hours of receiving your Booking Form, we will email you a link to your personalized digital invoice in order to collect a non-refundable deposit (see Registration & Payment below for details). Your reservation is only guaranteed once we receive your payment.
  7. Once your deposit is received, we will send you confirmation and a link to your Guestfolio, please read it! The Guestfolio is really cool; it's basically a personalized mini-website for your reservation and has lots of useful logistical information (e.g. weather, what to pack, flight details, weather etc)
  8. We very strongly suggest buying Cancellation/Travel Insurance. We work with Lifestyle Financial who are excellent and know heli-skiing! Note - Lifestyle Financial's coverage is for both Canadians and Non-Canadians. In the policy it lists info for Canadians first and then for Non-Canadians after that.
  9. Important Visa Information: If you are NOT a Canadian citizen (or permanent resident) or a US Citizen, you will need to apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to fly to Canada. It is very easy and quick to do, therefore we suggest doing it straight away. Click to apply for your eTA.
  10. Ninety (90) days before your trip start date we will send you a reminder that the balance payment is due

Let us know if you have any questions!

Registration & Payment

Once you let us know you would like to book, we will send you a link to a secured, online Booking Form which takes just 2 minutes to complete. Within 2 days of receiving your Booking Form we will send you a link to your digital invoice. It's at this stage that we require a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the package price in order to guarantee your seat. 

A reservation confirmation will be sent to you upon receipt of your deposit.

Deposit payments are due at the time of booking. Balance payments are due 90 days before the date of your arrival in Bella Coola. 

Important note: For bookings made less than 90 days prior to your arrival date in Bella Coola the full package price is due upon booking.

Special note to group organizers: The group organizer is responsible to ensure that all guests receive the BCHS literature and are fully aware of the policies in it. The group organizer is also responsible for making sure payment deadlines are met and all necessary forms are returned to BCHS as requested.


The guide's duty is to monitor, evaluate and minimize the risks associated with heli-skiing and snowboarding. However, even the best mountain guides are not infallible and the risks associated with a mountainous environment are only partially under our control. By registering with us you acknowledge these risks. In addition, all guests will be required to sign a Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risks and Indemnity Agreement before arrival. A sample waiver can be viewed it here. Or click on your language of preference;

German French
Swedish Danish
Spanish Italian
Czech Japanese
Chinese Korean


Please read the waiver carefully before booking your holiday to ensure you are comfortable with the terms of this document. We will require you to read this document and sign it before heli-skiing with us. We will not permit you to go heliskiing or snowboarding with us until the waiver is signed. All claims - irrespective of the nationality of the participants - will be governed in all respects by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Province of British Columbia.


Bella Coola Heli Sports does not carry health, life or injury insurance for our guests. We therefore recommend you carry the following:

  • Trip Cancellation Insurance - In view of our cancellation policy, we strongly recommend that all our guests purchase holiday cancellation insurance.
  • Extended Medical Insurance - Your medical insurance should cover you for life and health care risks while in Canada, and in addition should provide for transport to your home country if you reside outside of Canada.
  • Emergency Evacuation Insurance - In the case of injury, air ambulance expenses will be charged to the injured party.
  • Personal Property Insurance - Insure your personal belongings against loss. Your homeowner's insurance may not be enough. Be sure that this insurance covers you while you are in Canada.

For more information on insurance please contact: Brianne at Lifestyle Financial (click to send email)

Or apply for cancellation insurance at the following link: Lifestyle Financial

Guest Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of our guests to ensure that they are in Vancouver in time to catch our flights to Bella Coola/Anahim Lake. Bella Coola Heli Sports is not responsible for missed flights due to international flight delays, missed connections or any other reason. We recommend arriving in Vancouver the day prior to your departure for Bella Coola. We also recommend that you include an overnight stay in Vancouver on your return home. 

Additional Terms & Conditions

While the guides will try to accommodate all requests from groups that would like to ski or ride together, on rare occasions it may be necessary to split up groups for logistical reasons. By balancing the weights of the loads it increases the range of the helicopter. More range means less refuelling, which means less waiting, and therefore more skiing. If your group is not willing to split up, we suggest that you consider booking a Private or Semi-Private heli program. All our Vertical programs have a pre-determined amount of vertical skiing and riding included. Most people ski or ride about 20% more than this amount over the course of their stay and there is an extra charge for any vertical (or hours) over what is included in the package. Although there is no obligation to keep skiing, most people do continue and we encourage you to do so. The only requirement on our part is that there is a minimum of three people in the heli or at least that 3 seats are being paid for when skiing extra vertical. The vertical you ski and ride is based on the actual difference between the height the heli drops you at and the height it picks you up at. There are two exceptions to this rule. The first is that we charge a minimum of 1,200 vertical even if the run you do is less then 1,200 vertical. This can occur when, due to bad weather, the heli is not able to fly to the very top or when the snow down low is not good for skiing and the guide decides to shorten the run. The second exception is that there is a minimum of 5,000 vertical billed for every day you fly even if after one run it is decided to cancel the skiing for that day.

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