Heli Skiing Packages

First Timer? Seasoned Veteran? We've got you covered

Explore our diverse portfolio of 4, 5, & 7-night heli skiing packages

We're a passionate group of skiers, snowboarders, mountaineers, guides, and film professionals who have been working in the heli skiing industry for more than two decades. 

We know what it takes to construct a world-class heli skiing vacation and take pride in helping you select the ideal experience for you and your group.

Whether you’re a hesitant first-time heli skier and are new to the backcountry, a group of friends or family looking to create lifelong memories together, or a seasoned veteran considering where to explore next, we’ve got you covered.

We're glad you found us and are thrilled to introduce you to the spectacular terrain and remote wilderness of the Coast Range Mountains surrounding Bella Coola, British Columbia.


Small Group Heli Skiing

These per-person packages include a set amount of vertical to be used throughout the duration of the program.

This ensures you know exactly how much skiing to expect.

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Small Group XL

These are experts-only programs designed for skiers and snowboarders looking for a faster pace alongside other like-minded individuals.

This ensures you can ski as much as possible.

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Private Heli Skiing Packages

Your own private helicopter for just you and your group of friends

These group heli skiing packages include a set number of helicopter hours to be used throughout the duration of the program and are designed to allow for the complete customisation of the ski program.

Whether your goal is to ski as many runs as possible or to explore deep into the remote regions of our tenure, the choice is yours. 

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Exclusive Lodge Buyouts

Your own private lodge and private helicopter for just you and your group of friends

These Single Group packages are ideal for those who are looking for the privacy and intimacy that comes with bringing a group of your best friends/family together to experience an entire heli-skiing operation all to yourselves.

These packages feature a private facility, chef, and hospitality team, as well as a private helicopter, pilot, and two personal guides. 

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