Private & Private PLUS

The ultimate in flexibility & exclusivity


They are the ultimate in flexibility and exclusivity.
A Private package will give you your own private helicopter, pilots and personal guides.
It's even possible to have exclusive use of our lodges!
The programs are based on your desires and operate independently of the normal "vertical" programs.
Whereas the Vertical programs are based on vertical feet, the Private packages are based on flying time.

The Private PLUS package is a special offer for early season bookings (December 21 to February 8) where you book a package and we give you 1 free night of accommodation and meals!

BONUS! Book a trip between January and early February at Pantheon Heli Ranch or Terra Nostra Guest Ranch and get Unlimited Vertical!

  1. Min. ability Strong Intermediate
  2. Group size 1-4 or 5-9 people
  3. Groups per heli just 1!
  4. Season Early Winter, Winter, Spring, Summer

Your helicopter. Your guides. Your program. This is the ultimate choice if you want to heliski with just your crew. 

This is Bella Coola Heli Sports' most exclusive program: a private helicopter just for you and your friends or family. Everything is designed to guarantee operational flexibility and therefore maximize the chances of finding the best snow and the ultimate heliskiing holiday of your life. 

If you are a group of rippers, this program will guarantee you won't be waiting on strangers. If you are a family, you can ski at your own pace and not have to worry about other people. It's your experience....you decide!

Why choose a Private program and not the Classic Vert?

Since the program is based on flying time rather than a set amount of vertical, you and your group can decide how to use that time. Whether your goal is to explore new terrain, ski as many runs as possible, or look for the best snow, the choice is yours. You could even decide to fly to a hot spring overlooking the Pacific Ocean, eat lunch on the beach and go for a soak in the hot springs before spending the rest of the afternoon heliskiing! You can fly far and wide: from the high peaks surrounding the lodge, to the ice caps in the south, and on to the fjords in the west, or you can even decide to sleep in and enjoy a late start. 

For Private programs, we use 3 types of helicopters: the A-Star, Koala and a Bell. At Tweedsmuir Park Lodge the helicopter we use is the A-Star with room for four people in a single group, at Mystery Mountain Ranch we use the Koala for a single group of 5 guests, while at Pantheon we run a Bell 205++ (or 212) for just 1 group of 9 people, and at Terra Nostra we use it for a single group of 8! 

The entire lodge can be yours

What is better than booking your own helicopter? Having the entire operation exclusively for your family reunion or a large group of buddies! We have had huge success with lodge buy-outs, with not only amazing heli-skiing, but our lodge team often exceeds guest expectations by organizing non-skiing activities such as the Bella Coola Olympics! Tweedsmuir Park Lodge has a capacity of 16 people, Eagle Lodge with 12 people, while Pantheon Heli Ranch accommodates 9, Terra Nostra 8 people, and our most exclusive location, Mystery Mountain Ranch, hosts just 5 people!

The Private PLUS - Get a free night on us!

Book a 4 or 5-night stay in late December, January, or the 1st week of February and we will add-on a free night of accommodation, including meals! Enjoy a longer window of opportunity to get the best heli-skiing of your life during our snowiest months!

The "Private PLUS" program is basically the regular Private program, but it includes an extra night, for free! For example, book a 4-night stay, which includes 5 hours of fly time (6.5 hours at Pantheon), and get the 5th night for free. There is no additional charge for the 5th night. This would give you 5 FULL ski days. As the package would include the 4-night package flying time in this example, it is possible to purchase extra flying if you so wish. By giving you an extra night for free, it increases the chances that you will get that magical day up high and that you can rack up the vertical.

Having a longer stay relieves the pressure of skiing every day; enjoy a well deserved rest day, or take advantage of all the other non-heliskiing activities if it's snowing too heavily such as: fly-fishing, cross-country skiing, e-bikes, climb a Via Ferrata, paintball, take a Valley tour or simply relax at the lodge. Enjoy a massage, soak in the hot-tub, play pool and ping pong or heaven forbid, connect to the WiFi and get some office work done.


As a special incentive, we are offering Unlimited Vertical at Pantheon Heli Ranch for trips between December and early February! Get 9 of your friends/family together and ski until your quads can't take it any longer....or until daylight safety margins dictate, whichever happens first! Note: If you are interested in skiing at Pantheon and you are solo or a smaller group, still contact us, sometimes there are dates where we can fit you in.

Who should book?

Our Private program is appropriate for experienced skiers and boarders, as well as those who have never heli skied before, including families of up to 4, or 8 people. A Private may be booked by less than 4 people, though the price is fixed. At Pantheon Heli Ranch and Terra Nostra Guest Ranch a Private is a single group in the heli for up to 8-9 people. A Private at all our other lodge locations is a single group in the helicopter for up to 4 people (5 people might be possible with a light group). The program can also be booked as a Semi-Private, in which case there is space for up to eight people flying as two groups of four per helicopter. For more information on the Semi-Private program, click the Semi-Private tab at the top. 

2022 - Private PLUS

For trips between late December, 2021 to February 6, 2022

For early season trips, we offer the Private PLUS package. It's the same as a regular private package, but we give you an extra night for free! For example, book a 5 night package, and get the 5 night flying time, and stay for 6 nights!

  1. 7 Nights Book 6 nights & get the 7th night for free! Ski 7 days. Includes Unlimited Vertical at Pantheon & Terra Nostra & 7 hours at all other lodges $71,380-$137,480*
  2. 5 Nights Book 4 nights & get the 5th night for free! Ski 5 days. Includes Unlimited Vertical at Pantheon & Terra Nostra & 5 hours at all other lodges $55,080-$109,080*
  3. 4 Nights Book 3 nights & get the 4th night for free! Ski 4 days. Includes Unlimited Vertical at Pantheon & Terra Nostra & 4 hours at all other lodges $47,380-$92,080*

2022 - Private Package

For trips between February 6 to late April, 2022

  1. 7 Nights Ski 7 days. Includes 9 hours of flying at Pantheon, 10.5 hours of flying at Terra Nostra & 8 hours at all other lodges $80,980-$145,880*
  2. 5 Nights Ski 5 days. Includes 6.5 hours of flying at Pantheon, 7.5 hours of flying at Terra Nostra & 6 hours at all other lodges $62,980-$116,080*
  3. 4 Nights Ski 4 days. Includes 5.5 hours of flying at Pantheon, 6 hours of flying at Terra Nostra & 5 hours at all other lodges $53,980-$98,080*

*The rates above are in Canadian Dollars and are exclusive of tax

Includes return airfares between Vancouver and Bella Coola (or Anahim Lake for Pantheon and Mystery Mountain).
The rate range reflects the rates from the Early Season to the Peak Season price (the lowest price is for Eagle Lodge for a group of 4 people, and the highest is the rate for a group of 8 at Pantheon), ** except the 3 night option which is the lowest price for Eagle Lodge for a group of 4 people, and the highest is the rate for also 4 people at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge (i.e. 3 night not offered at Pantheon). Inquire for an exact quote.
To work out the per person rate, divide the above by the number of people in your group. 
Privates are for groups of up to 4 people, except at Pantheon which is for a group of 8 people (is your group 5 to 8 people? Consider booking a Semi-Private). 


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