Advantages of Easy Accessibility

Stay 7 Nights · Ski 7 Days


By choosing Bella Coola Heli Sports for your Canadian heli-skiing vacation, you will benefit from the following advantages, thanks to our easy access.


Ski Full Days Every Day

Our arrival day experience is designed to set you up for success. We will welcome you to the property, introduce you to the team, and work through the necessary safety orientations on day one, so that you can ski full days every other day of the package - including departure day! 

  • Stay 7 Nights · Ski 7 days
  • Stay 5 Nights · Ski 5 days
  • Stay 4 Nights · Ski 4 days



Busy Schedule? No problem.

With a 4 night package it is possible to leave the office on Friday afternoon in time to catch an afternoon flight to Vancouver. On Saturday morning we will fly you from Vancouver to Bella Coola / Anahim Lake. Starting Sunday you will be skiing full day in some of the most incredible terrain in the world. 

For guest with direct connections home in the evening, it is possible to be home as soon as Tuesday night. So depending on where you live, you might only need to take 1 or 2 days off. If you book your trip on a holiday weekend you may only need to take 1 additional day away from home.



Down Days Have Less Impact

Down days are an unavoidable, and dare I say necessary, part of heli-skiing. New snow brings means epic conditions, refreshing the backcountry with precious powder ensures the following days are the best day of skiing you've experienced in your life.

Even when we do experience a down day, thanks to ease of access to our property locations, we tend ski more than in many other locations. Plus, we have a long list of exceptional down day activities to keep you entertained while the mountain receives a welcomed top up. 

Knowledge is pow(d)er.
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