Guide's Update
Snow Base
Guide's Update
Snow Base

Canada! Get to the choppa!

With ABOVE NORMAL snowfall predicted and likely border closures, we have another great reason why our fellow Canadians should join us for some epic heli-skiing: fantastic rates for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!



Guaranteed bookings! Even if the international borders open, we will honour your reservation at the special offer rate!

Now is your chance to tick heli-skiing off your bucket list by skiing with the "World's Best Heli Ski Operation*" at incredible rates.....but wait.....it gets even better......meteorologists have declared this season will be a La Niña winter; for Bella Coola this means even more snow than the regular huge amounts we receive!

Epic terrain, huge snowfalls predicted AND massive discounts!

This is the year to heli-ski!

One of the advantages of booking a trip with Bella Coola Heli Sports is that we specialize in small group, and single group, heli-skiing. With our intimate lodges, the magic number of guests are multiples of 4 (ie 4, 8, 12 or 16 people), since our helicopters and lodges are configured around multiples of 4 guests. 

By catering to small and private groups we are able to;

  • Ski more efficiently (less waiting around)
  • Get into more types of awesome terrain (i.e. a couloir that wouldn't fit a group of +10) 
  • Easier to group people of similar standards
  • And perhaps most importantly during the current pandemic: small groups make it easier to create your own social bubble. Our staff will all be wearing masks and following extremely strict COVID guidelines


For logistical and physical distancing reasons, as well as purely skiing reasons, multiples of 4 are best for small group heli-skiing! Therefore, our greatest incentives are for groups of 4, 8, 12 and 16 people. The amount of discount you will receive depends on your group size. The more people you have, especially if it's a multiple of 4, the better the deals.

The amount of discount you will receive depends on your group size. The more people, in multiples of 4, get the best deals;

  • 2 or 3 people - Receive 25% off
  • 4 people - 35% and your own private group!
  • 5, 6 and 7 people - 25% (if your group is 5-7 people, we suggest trying to get to 8 people. If your group is, say for example, 6 people, the first 4 people receive 35% and the last 2 receive 25%. Of course, we can share/pro-rate the discount amongst the whole group)
  • 8 people - 40% off!
  • Lodge Buy Out - Get a group of 16 people together and receive a whopping 45% off! You and your crew will have exclusive access to a lodge, helicopter, chefs, guides and more! This is the ultimate in getting away from the rest of the world in a pristine, untracked environment.


- Guaranteed booking! If there's availability for your requested dates, we will guarantee your spot once a REFUNDABLE deposit is made! Even if the international borders open and we can accept non-Canadians, we will honour your reservation at the special discounted rate!
- Experience the amazing terrain of the World's Best Heli Ski Operation...perhaps even lay tracks in terrain that's never been skied before!
- Incredibly Easy & Quick Access - No need for long bus rides...our charter flights from Vancouver takes just 70 minutes!
- Small Groups & Few Groups Per Heli 
- Most small group operations run 3 groups per machine. We occasionally do when there's 12 or less people at the lodge, but the majority of the time we run just 2 groups per heli!


Drop us a line with your preferred dates and how many people might be in your group. Deposits will be 100% refundable. For more information, or to check availability, send us a message.

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For this special offer, Canadians will receive the exact same package as in a "normal" season, with the exception that we will not be offering the possibility to ski on Arrival and Departure Day, however, we will still be including the exact same amount of vertical!

Not included:

  • Possibility of skiing on Arrival & Departure Days (in a normal year we do offer this as one of our competitive advantages)
  • Extra Vertical/ Hours
  • Alcohol
  • Massage
  • Retail purchases
  • Gratuities
  • Cancellation insurance with Lifestyle Financial whose policy covers Canadians and Non-Canadians (strongly recommended!)

* We have been voted by the general public, as well as industry experts, as the "World's Best Heli Ski Operation" for the last 3 years in a row at the World Ski Awards!

Knowledge is pow(d)er.
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