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Vår Terräng

3.25 Million Acres of pure excitement

Stort är bättre när det gäller terräng

Bella Coola har verkligen allt! Vi kan tillgodose de kräsnaste krav.

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Our size stats

(Bella Coola has) bigger terrain, bigger mountains. Bigger everything. It’s got everything that Alaska has, or Whistler or Europe really. As far as skiing goes it’s kinda the ultimate!” – Kye Peterson, pro-skier

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3.25 million acres (13,150 sq/km) exclusive to Bella Coola Heli Sports and 615 times bigger than all of Vail, 398 times Whistler-Blackcomb combined, 125 times larger than the whole Trois Vallées and bigger than the entire Swiss Alps! All for a maximum of 54 guests spread over 5 lodges! 

We have so much terrain, we will rarely tell you to lay your tracks next to someone else's......go on, make huge arcing turns! We encourage powder 11s, not 8s...but if you like powder 8s, feel free to make them (we won't laugh.....too hard!). Note: there will be times where we do have to keep it tight for safety reasons. Guest must always listen to the guide's instructions.

Longest run

Many runs are 5000-6000ft (1500-1800m), with the longest yielding 7000ft (2150m) of leg-burning utopia.

Number of runs

Over 900 and counting... in fact, there's a huge amount of valleys where we haven't even skied yet!

Highest drop-off

Our highest drop-off is at 9500ft (2,896m) and lowest pick-up is at 3000ft (914m).

Highest Peak

The highest peak in our tenure is Mt.Monarch at 11,663ft (3,555m). However, the impressive Mt Waddington (13,186ft / 4,019m), the highest peak entirely in British Columbia, is just outside our boundary. While we don't ski it, we often take guests for a quick fly-by.

Knowledge is pow(d)er.
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