Operating Standards

We exceed industry standards

Bella Coola Heli Sports is a member of HeliCat Canada, the trade association of the Canadian helicopter and snowcat skiing industry. We are regulated by the most comprehensive and exacting heli skiing guidelines in the world. In addition, our safety plan and operating procedures are audited every 4-5 years by an independent risk management evaluator.

The HeliCat Canada guidelines are the result of over 40 years of experience and development. It is the gold standard of helicopter skiing safety. There is simply no other jurisdiction or heli-skiing organization with the experience and scope of HeliCat Canada. We have taken these standards as a base model and then improved where we could.

"Most risk avoidance, regardless of the environment, boils down to prevention and preparation. By skiing or snowboarding with a member of HeliCat Canada, one is assured that safety is the top priority. Given the number of skiers and snowboarders guided on a daily basis in the winter by members of HeliCat Canada, the small number of incidents speaks volumes for the measures taken to keep clients safe." Source: HeliCat Canada

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