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Our Team Exceeds Normal Industry Standards

There are many additional safety features we have considered and built into our heli-skiing program. For example, West Coast Helicopters and Bella Coola Heli Sports have set up a system of radio repeaters to cover the entire 14,370 sq/km of heli-skiing tenure to ensure reliable communications at all times (see photo above). Each group is equipped with 2 VHF radios capable of contacting the helicopter as well as reach repeaters located within our ski area.

Bella Coola Heli Sports is one of the few operations that has an actual trained, qualified, Dispatcher. Did you know that our guides/pilots report to Dispatch on every run! In addition, the dispatcher and helicopter base can monitor the movements of each helicopter via GPS tracking.

During most weeks we have two or even three helicopters operating in the valley. This of course offers extra backup, but on those occasions that there is only one helicopter flying, we have a list of all the helicopters based within a reasonable flying radius and have forwarded them copies of our rescue plan.

Also, even though the heli and guides carry a carefully prescribed list of rescue equipment, we have stashed additional equipment at numerous locations throughout our ski area to make it easily and quickly accessible in the case of an emergency.

Finally, we are very fortunate to have a hospital based in the Bella Coola valley. For the most part, our Tweedsmuir Park Lodge and Eagle Lodge clients and staff are never more than a 20-minute flight from professional medical care. Our Pantheon, Terra Nostra, and Mystery Mountain Ranches are a bit further from the hospital, but because of the magic of helicopters, clients and staff are still within a 40-minute flight to medical care.


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