Catamaran Based Heli-Skiing

Soar and explore into the deepest reaches of our terrain on your private yacht

Rising from the waters of the Pacific Ocean and blanketed with copious amounts of fresh powder....A mythical skiers’ paradise is born

Free yourself from the tethers of a traditional lodge

Climb aboard the MV Cascadia to gain access to 3,550,000 acres (14,370 km²) of exclusive, pristine, terrain

Imagine cruising along the ocean in a gorgeous yacht, surrounded by picturesque fjords and soaring mountains, en route to the most remote and exhilarating skiing of your life. 

We’ve partnered with eco-tourism operator Maple Leaf Adventures to bring you the trip of a lifetime: an unprecedented yacht-based heliski experience, where every day brings a new adventure and every night a new and magical anchorage to sleep. Whether you’re skiing on an isolated island, plunging into the ocean for a cold water spirit bear swim, relaxing in a hot tub on the top deck of your floating lodge, or soaking in a natural hot spring right on the beach, your stay will be marked by luxurious amenities, the world’s best heliskiing, and the freedom and excitement of chasing epic landscapes for eight blissful days.


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Heli Ski Big Mountains & Cruise Deep Fjords

✓ Treat yourself to a most exclusive and luxurious ski adventure; yacht-based heliskiing!
✓ Be the first to ski the world’s largest and most extensive network of fjords and inland waterways by catamaran
✓ Fly in a private helicopter from the deck of your yacht, the 138ft MV Cascadia catamaran
✓ Ski a new zone of the world’s most expansive ski area (3.55 million acres) every day and sleep at a new anchorage every night
✓ Designed for groups of up to eight adventurers; non-skiers welcome

The MV Cascadia

Welcome Aboard Your Luxurious Floating Heliski Lodge

Your trip begins by skiing from the Bella Coola airport to the MV Cascadia, a majestic 138-foot catamaran that will serve as your floating mobile lodge for the duration of the trip. Featuring spacious cabins, elegant lounges, top-quality amenities, and a hot tub on the top deck, the yacht boasts the same exceptional service and offerings found in our land-based lodges. Here, you can indulge in a relaxing massage, take the kayaks out for a spin, and tuck into mouth-watering cuisine…well-deserved treats after a long day on the slopes.

✓ The design of the MV Cascadia lends itself to being very comfortable at sea
✓ Eight roomy cabins featuring ever-evolving views, private bathrooms, and showers
✓ Lodge-quality salon and amenities
✓ Spacious dining and lounge areas
✓ Massage room
✓ Hot tub on the top deck boasting 360° views of epic landscapes
✓ Two aluminum, landing-craft style shore boats
✓ Kayaks for guest use (six doubles and two singles)
✓ Access to the bridge so you can chat with the Captain
✓ The same exceptional service and cuisine found at our land-based lodges

Your Cabin

Each cabin features an ensuite washroom, individual climate control, wardrobes, and an outside deck, with windows inviting plenty of natural light. Guests can choose from three categories of cabins: 


Category 3
Prince of Wales & Princess Royal

Category 2
Admiralty, Calvert, Moresby & Vancouver

Category 1
Campania & Salt Spring
Cabin Features
  • 235 sq. ft.
  • King bed
  • Three piece ensuite washroom
  • Door access to deck and door access to corridor
  • Windows
  • Located on the Bridge Deck
  • 195 sq. ft.
  • Queen or two twins
  • Three piece ensuite washroom
  • Door access to deck and door access to corridor
  • Windows
  • Located on the Main Deck
  • 160 sq. ft.
  • Queen or two twins
  • Three piece ensuite washroom
  • Door access to corridor
  • Windows (large portholes)
  • Located on the main deck and lower deck respectively

 A video of the MV Cascadia in summer, exploring the Inside Passage and the Great Bear Rainforest

Additional Activities

Enjoy the Wonders of a Boutique Ocean Cruise

✓ Try your luck fishing for crab, prawns and halibut; the chef will cook them for your group
✓ Soak in natural oceanside hot springs
✓ Explore river estuaries on a kayak or paddleboard 
✓ Capture your once-in-a-lifetime experience with a water taxi photo tour 
✓ Warm up beside a fire on a remote beach under an evening sky glittering with stars 
✓ Immerse yourself in the wonders of the Great Bear Rainforest 
✓ Brave the cold and take a saltwater spirit bear swim to rejuvenate tired muscles

Travel Logistics

Getting here is so easy

Unlike many holidays, the journey here is half the fun. After hopping on a 70 minute flight (yes, just seventy minutes) from Vancouver to Bella Coola, you’ll strap on your skis shortly after  arrival and ski your way to the MV Cascadia. Each morning, you’ll board a helicopter atop the catamaran in search of fresh powder and pristine terrain; at night, you’ll return to a new isolated anchorage to unwind and recharge. Along the way, the Cascadia will explore fjords and inland waterways, treating you to an ever-changing view backdropped by the soaring Coast Mountains. On departure day, you’ll ski back to Bella Coola -- a last run before the journey ends.

✓ Return flights between Vancouver and Bella Coola (70 mins)
✓ Ski your way from Bella Coola airport to the MV Cascadia on arrival day 
✓ Lift from the heli deck of the catamaran each morning in search of pristine, remote terrain
✓ Land back on the MV Cascadia at a new anchorage each evening 
✓ Cruise the world’s largest and most extensive network of fjords and inland waterways
✓ Unwind in the quiet serenity of isolated and pristine bays each night
✓ Ski your way back to Bella Coola airport on departure day

Package inclusions

✓ Return flights between Vancouver and Bella Coola
✓ Eight possible ski days (six full days and two short half days) 
✓ Total of 20 hours of flight in an A-Star helicopter (shared between two groups of four skiers)
✓ Private, single-occupancy cabin for seven nights
✓ All meals and drinks, including alcoholic beverages
✓ Daily massage by a Registered Massage Therapist
✓ The services of two professional ski guides
✓ Use of the MV Cascadia’s water toys
✓ Starting price of $319,000 CAD (plus 5% tax)
Note: let us know if internet service is an absolute must

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