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Steep Skiing

The gnarliest steep skiing in Canada

What is the Steep Skiing Experience?

Experts Only: the Steep Skiing program is for EXPERT skiers/riders & we mean it!
It's about pushing the envelope with safety at the forefront of every decision.
Intermediate & Advanced skiers/riders - please stop reading this page. This is not the terrain you will ski. Refer to our other packages where we ski some amazing, fun terrain that will not have you shaking in your boots.

  1. Min. ability Experts only!
  2. Group size 4 people
  3. Groups per heli 2
  4. Season Spring

#1 on Red Bull's "10 most extreme heliskiing spots on the planet"!

Shane McConkey, professional skier: "Bella Coola was one of the most stunning places I've ever had the opportunity to heli-ski. “Swede” and crew have truly discovered an amazing new powder kingdom. I was constantly glued to the window of the heli scoping out some of the most spectacular terrain I have ever seen. Big, steep and deep. Wax your boards and get your ass up to Bella Coola." 

What do we mean by "expert"?

This program is appropriate for skiers/riders who can confidently handle black diamond terrain at a resort and also venture onto double black runs.

The creation of the Steep Skiing program was due to purely selfish reasons: no-one in Canada was offering truly "steep and deep" terrain, the kind that would get our hearts pounding. When we started Bella Coola Heli Sports we were blown away with the immensity of the terrain here and all the wicked features like line after line of couloirs. It was stuff we wanted to ski ourselves and no-one was offering it. So with more and more people wanting to step it up, we thought "let's do this!". 

But let's get one thing straight; this isn't about racking up tons of vertical and skiing spine after spine. We would like to share our experience with you in how to make smart decisions in complex terrain. We want to teach you how to read different terrain, how to approach it and how to ski a gnarly line. With safety at the forefront of all decisions. We will only ski the sick stuff when conditions are optimal and the guide thinks that you are capable of skiing the line and that you follow instructions. In challenging weather, we will do more clinical type instruction. You will head home with a better understanding of how to rip wicked lines based on sound decision making.

If you are considering the Steep Skiing program, the best bit of advice is to give us a call and chat with us to see if you should be considering it or one of our other programs. 


Heli-skiing in Alaska is pretty cool. Many of us at Bella Coola Heli Sports have skied up there and if you have plenty of time on your hands, and are a strong enough skier/rider, you should go at some stage. Having said that, we have a huge amount of advantages and, most importantly, we can offer just as challenging terrain - as the video and photos on this page will show. 

Advantages include; less travel time = ski more days, less down days, only ski with 1 group per heli on the Steep program and 2 or 3 groups on the Vertical programs, we ski many more runs per day on our Vertical program and, perhaps most importantly for you, is that on our Steep Skiing program we ski just as challenging terrain as in Alaska...plus our guides will teach you basic mountaineering skills! For more details on how we compare to Alaska, see the Are You Considering Heli-Skiing in Alaska page. If you do not want to ski really steep lines, but you want to ski alpine terrain that is definitely fun but not boring, consider our Vertical programs.

Who should book?

Expert skiers/riders only!! This means that you can confidently ski black diamond terrain at a ski area. If you over-estimate your ability which prevents other clients from enjoying the program, you will need to sit out (non-refundable) or we will move you to our regular Vertical program if there is availability (don't worry, we ski great terrain in that program!). If you are not sure about your ability, give us a call and we would be more than happy to chat with you and let you know if we think it will work. Solo skiers are welcome to join us, though we would encourage you to bring 3 friends to make a complete group.

Important - Snowpacks are variable and we cannot guarantee steep skiing every day, but with some of the best heli-skiing in the world as your consolation prize on those days when it is not safe to ski steep, you will still have a blast!

To get an an idea of the type of terrain you can ski, see the Point of View video here

2020 Rates

  1. 7 Nights 8 possible ski days (6 full days & if the weather allows, a few runs on both Arrival and Departure Days). Includes 75,000 vertical feet of skiing From $15,580*
  2. 5 Nights 6 possible ski days (4 full days & if the weather allows, a few runs on both Arrival and Departure Days). Includes 56,000 vertical feet of skiing From $12,280* 

*Includes return airfares between Vancouver and Bella Coola. Rates are per person, in Canadian Dollars and exclusive of tax.

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