Guest 2022 Availability

We are extremely disappointed that we are unable to host you in Winter 2021. We really tried to make it happen, but factors outside our control have prevented us from operating.

Having said that, we would love to have you join us next season, so we have crunched the numbers and worked out what we would need to charge to survive, as well as still offering you a generous incentive as a thank you for your support at a difficult time!

We can offer you a PRIZE FREEZE and a DISCOUNT, depending on group size/lodge location.

Here are the options:




Tweedsmuir Park Lodge

2021 Price Freeze

10% for any group size

Eagle Lodge

2021 Price Freeze

15% for individuals or groups of less than 8

Eagle Lodge
Terra Nostra Guest Ranch
Pantheon Heli Ranch

2021 Price Freeze

20% for groups of 8, or up to 9 at Pantheon 
(groups of more than 8 are possible at Eagle Lodge)

If your group this year was composed of less than 8 people, we would like to offer you a further incentive to increase your group size to fill the remaining seats. Grow your crew to 8 people and we will extend the discount to new guests, PLUS everyone in the existing group now gets 20% off, instead of 15% for reservations at Eagle, Terra Nostra and Pantheon! And how can this offer become even better? Here’s how: book your group into Terra Nostra Guest Ranch where we host just 8 people, or at Pantheon where we host 9 people, and the whole operation is yours, no other guests (must be for 4, 5 or 7 nights)!

Availability - Due to the fact that earlier this year our international guests had to reschedule from this winter to next, the 2022 schedule is already quite full, especially at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge where there are just a few spots left.

The good news is that we have a fair bit of availability at Eagle Lodge and Terra Nostra Guest Ranch. Both locations have some advantages over Tweedsmuir. For example:

Eagle Lodge
  • Receives the most snow of all our lodges (but all receive tons of snow!)
  • The communal style layout means Eagle lodge is one of our most social lodges
  • More options for shorter package durations - in high season we only offer 7-night packages at Tweedsmuir, whereas at Eagle you can book 4 or 5 nights
  • On average, Eagle Lodge guests ski more vertical!
Terra Nostra Guest Ranch
  • Groups of 8 have exclusive use of the entire operation!
  • Access to terrain we have hardly, or NEVER, skied before
  • More fine weather days than Tweedsmuir
  • Possibility of some fun activities after skiing, like ice-fishing, pond skating, snowshoeing etc

For a detailed lodge-to-lodge comparison, see the table here.

Winter 2022 Availability

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