Everything is Bigger in Bella Coola

"Bella Coola was one of the most stunning places I've ever had the opportunity to heli ski. “Swede” and crew have truly discovered an amazing new powder kingdom. I was constantly glued to the window of the heli scoping out some of the most spectacular terrain I have ever seen. Big, steep and deep, here's terrain for the fearless, as well as for the wussies. Wax your boards and get your butt up to Bella Coola."

Shane McConkey, Professional Skier

Bella Coola really does have it all. Our incredible terrain and consistent snowfall mean no snow-making, no powder eights, just 3.55 million acres of untouched terrain.

That's enough to keep even the strongest skiers and riders fully entertained.


Our Size Stats

3.55 million acres (14,370 sq/km) exclusive to Bella Coola Heli Sports. That's 668 times the size of Vail, 434 times the size of Whistler-Blackcomb, 137 times the size of the whole Trois Vallées, and bigger than the entire Swiss Alps!

All for a maximum of 62 guests per week spread across 6 locations. 

Knowledge is pow(d)er.
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