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World Ski Awards - Vote for us!

Help Us Retain Our Title!

Last year we were incredibly stoked to have won the title of "World's Best Heli-Ski Operator 2017" at the prestigious World Ski Awards (see here for details)! Thank you to everyone who voted for us. And now, we want to retain the crown! Can you please help us? It only takes a couple of minutes (I tried it myself and it took less than 5 minutes). What do you get out of it? Well, if you've been fortunate to heliski with us, you'll be able to say you've skied at the "World's Best Heli-Ski Operation"! 

(If you are wondering why we are deserving of the title, please see our competitive advantages, and perhaps more importantly, read what guests have said about us on TripAdvisor, where we have more 5* reviews than any of our competitors, by a long shot!).

Here's how to vote;

  • Register here - it only takes 60 seconds (even quicker if you sign in via the Facebook option. And of course after you vote, you can remove the Facebook connection. We recommend this method as it's really quick). If you work in the Travel/tourism Industry, please fill out the "Industry Vote" section (not the Facebook option) as you get extra voting power. Use your power!
  • As mentioned, it's faster using the Facebook option. The app only sees your profile name, profile photo and email (which it does not use). It will say it wants to post to your Wall, but don't worry, only you can make the app post to your Wall, it doesn't do it without you selecting it to! After voting, you can go into Settings>Apps and remove the World Ski Awards connection
  • If you did not use the Facebook sign-up method, the World Ski Awards will instantly send you a confirmation email. Click the link in the email to verify
  • At the bottom of the verification page click the link to go to the Voting page
  • Click here to go to the Bella Coola Heli Sports page to vote (or on the Nominees page, under the "World" heading click on "World's Best Heli-Ski Operator 2018". Then choose "Bella Coola Heli Sports". A pop-up will appear, click the green "vote now" button. This is where you will get to see our new heli-skiing video!
  • If you logged in via Facebook, please click the "share this vote" box encouraging your friends to vote for us too! 

Thank you from the Bella Coola Heli Sports team!

Are you still in the voting mood? We are very excited that our flagship property, Tweedsmuir Park Lodge, has been nominated in the category of Canada's Leading Wilderness Resort 2018, in the World Travel Awards. We'd love to win that award too, in recognition of the fantastic job our staff do. If you can spare a few minutes, please vote for us, it's easy;

  1. Register here for the World Travel Awards (if you work in the Travel Industry make sure and tick the "Travel Industry Voters" as your vote is worth double!)
  2. Once registered, click this link to take you directly to the Canada page
  3. Click on Canada's Leading Wilderness Resort 2018 - and select Tweedsmuir Park Lodge!

That's it. Thanks for your vote. 

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