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The Magnificent 7 – Luxury Wilderness Lodges of Canada is an alliance of like-minded lodges, created in 2012. After meeting during travel industry conferences and becoming aware of each other's individual offerings, an idea started to grow among the lodge owners. The group had the idea that joining forces would allow for a better chance at capturing the attention of travelers looking for luxury wilderness adventures. It is also a way to offer a varied itinerary by combining two or more of the lodges during a visit.

Most of the lodges are located in British Columbia, from the coastal fjords to the wild plateau of the Chilcotin range, while one property is in Manitoba, in the Canadian Arctic.

What links them together is the desire to offer personalized experiences where guests enjoy wilderness adventures in comfort. Great food, great company, amazing scenery, magnificent experiences and excellent service is what can be expected during a stay at any of our partner properties.

For inspiration and ideas to create multi lodge trips, visit the itineraries page on The Magnificent 7 - Luxury Wilderness Lodges of Canada's website.


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