"Woody" Tribe

Guide Manager - Tweedsmuir Park Lodge

Like many of us at Bella Coola Heli Sports, Woody started his ski industry "career" as a professional ski bum, having worked for many years in some of the world's best ski areas such as Chamonix, Whistler and Rossland. 

He started guiding in the mid-1990s and worked with Jia and Swede on the first movie shoots in Bella Coola. In 2003, when Bella Coola Heli Sports became a heliskiing provider, he was hired by the owners to become a full time guide. Besides showing guests around the Coast Range, Woody has been the go-to man for many ski movies (including several MSP Films), guiding ski pros from around the world in order to experience the gnarly terrain on offer in Bella Coola.

During the summer months Woody heads back to the Bella Coola Valley to work at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge as a bear viewing and fly-fishing guide!

When he's not in Bella Coola, Woody lives with his wife Kate and son Robbie just north of Pemberton. In addition to skiing Woody enjoys BMX racing with Robbie, racing motocross and wakeboarding.

We are lucky to have such a huge tenure (ski area) and we have only explored a fraction of it. When asked what his favourite aspect of the job was Woody said: "EXPLORING! And getting to name many of the runs wth our guests!"

Little known fact: Woody's first name is "Sean"!

Knowledge is pow(d)er.
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