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Safety First

Bella Coola Heli Sports is dedicated to providing the ultimate heli skiing holiday in as safe a manner as possible.

For the most part our clients never see all the work and thought that goes into our safety program. This is of course as it should be, but we encourage you to educate yourself regarding the risks associated with helicopter skiing and what is being done to ameliorate and contain these risks. We are proud of our staff’s qualifications, as well as the expertise and experience they bring to bear in making your day a great one.

Following are some of the key safety issues, as well as standards and protocols that define our operating procedures.

Heli Skiing Operating Standards

Bella Coola Heli Sports is a member of HeliCat Canada. We are regulated by the most comprehensive and exacting heli skiing guidelines in the world. In addition, our safety plan and operating procedures are audited every 4-5 years by an independent risk management evaluator. more

Our Guides

All BCHS guides are professionals with a lifelong dedication to their profession and are certified by the ACMG / UIAGM (Canadian and International Association of Mountain Guides) and/or the Canadian Ski Guides Association (CSGA). In addition to this, the guides all have years of experience specifically related to heli skiing, as well as outgoing and supportive personalities. more

Snow and Weather

We are lucky to be located in British Columbia's Coast Range. We usually enjoy a consistent and temperate climate, which combined with plentiful snowfall, results in a more stable and settled snowpack then what is common in most other places. more

Helicopters and Pilots

All our helicopters and pilots are provided by West Coast Helicopters (WCH). We have been working with them for the past 10 years and are extremely happy with their level of service, attention to detail, and their contribution to our over all safety standards in every respect. more

Infrastructure and Back Up Support

There are many additional safety features we have considered and built into our heli skiing program. For example, West Coast Helicopters and Bella Coola Heli Sports have set up a system of radio repeaters to cover the entire 10,700 sq/km of heli skiing tenure to ensure reliable communications at all times. more