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An amazing transfer day on which our guests skied 23,000' feet of perfect powder en route to the air
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Welcome to Pantheon Heli Ranch

Heli Skiing's Final Frontier!

Enjoy huge unexplored peaks,  first descents as far as the eye can see, and genuine home-style ranch hospitality. With a maximum capacity of eight people per week, this is the perfect place for a close group of friends. You can book the entire facility and have a whole mountain range all to yourselves

Our Pantheon ski terrain surrounds Mt Waddington, British Columbia's highest peak. A number of prominent Hollywood films including: “K2”, “Kundun” and “Seven Years in Tibet” were shot here because of the Himalayan scale of the slopes and escarpments.

The area is heavily glaciated, with thick forests and deep valleys guarding the flanks.  The peak lay undiscovered until 1925 and was at first named Mystery Mountain. To this day the area is extremely wild and inaccessible, unless you have a trusty helicopter that is!

Pantheon Heli Skiing is the newest member of the Bella Coola Heli Sports family. Accommodation is at the White Saddle Ranch, a pioneering cattle station straddling the remote Chilcotin Plateau and majestic Coast Mountains.

It is possible to book either a semi-private heliskiing experience for up to eight people (two groups sharing one machine) or a private heli program with one load in the machine for up to four people. In addition, Pantheon also hosts our Heli Skiing Safari programs.

Pantheon Heli Skiing is a very unique skiing experience, and to date only a handful of lucky groups have skied here. You and your friends should be next.

For a great article on Pantheon, see this issue of The Ski Journal.